Sega Rally Online Arcade review


Sega Rally Online Arcade review

Want a quick rally fix without buying a full-price 360 game? You’ll get your money’s worth from Sega Rally Online Arcade, which packages the core content from the Sega Rally 3 coin-op into a downloadable XBLA game.

Without a career mode or car upgrades, this low-frills racer simply tosses you right into loose, fast-paced battles on dirt, mud, snow, or tarmac. The game does feature a few different play options, though, including single offline and online races and varying split-screen duels, plus a championship mode where your goal is moving from 22nd place to first place over the course of three races — with a one-on-one bonus shootout as the reward. It even contains a classic race option, which spotlights the original Desert track and starting cars from the very first Sega Rally game.

This franchise spinoff is perfect for a few quick races and a nostalgic flashback, but with five total tracks, it lacks staying power. Rally diehards are better off dropping the extra cash for the excellent Dirt 3, or even 2007’s Sega Rally Revo.

On Xbox Live Arcade

+ Fast and fun arcade-style rally racing for just $10.

+ Several play options, including online and split-screen races.

- Only five tracks means you’ll see the same sights over and over.

? Will Sega Rally rise again as a full-fledged franchise?


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