Rango review


Rango review

In the spirit of its unconventional cinematic counterpart, this videogame adaptation exudes eccentric personality. The narrative picks up sometime after the events of the film, with Rango as sheriff of a dusty desert town called Dirt. The main plot has you, as our reptilian friend, collecting space stones that’ve fallen to Earth.

The first two-thirds of this action-adventure unfold on a level on-par with your best expectations from the movie, as Rango hunts through pretty cactus-lined landscapes and tangles with familiar villains such as Rattlesnake Jake. The dispatching of various lower-tier bad guys through melee battles and gunfire grows repetitive, but it’s broken up with quirky environmental puzzles and fun mini-games like golf.

In the final third, when the developers really let go of any limitations set by being a film-licensed product and embrace the game’s potential, you’ll encounter everything from zombies to a trippy 8-bit alternate universe. Even if Hollywood never produces another Rango movie, we want a sequel to the game.

On Xbox 360

+ Maneuvering through the desert as Rango is a blast.

+ Looks really good, especially for a licensed game.

- Some awkward camera angles can be confusing; repetitive action early on.

? Why use a Johnny Depp voice-alike instead of the real thing?


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