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Wednesday 20th Aug 2014
Tuesday 19th Aug 2014
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    Xbox One and Xbox 360 sale: Call of Duty, GTA and Trials Fusion up to 75% off

    The world's biggest franchise. The world's most illustrious publisher. Truly, this week's Deals with Gold discounts are a win for the mainstream. With every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2 included, and no less than eight Rockstar games - along with assorted expansions - on offer, here's your chance to catch up on the games literally everyone else has already played. Here we go...

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    Dragon Age games that aren't RPGs "could certainly work", says BioWare

    Lulled by the siren-song of Dragon Age's fantasy universe, only to be rudely rebuffed by the knowledge that it's a role-playing game, with stats and classes and everything? Be at peace, O customisation-averse one. BioWare Edmonton's producer Cameron Lee feels there's plenty of scope for a Dragon Age game that isn't a role-player.

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    Free Reddit app, ReddX released for Xbox One

    Reddit has evolved in recent years from catch-all single interest forum into the world's premier space for up-the-minute community engagement, occasional breaking news and inappropriate use of the word "porn" as a suffix. It should come as no surprise then that Xbox One has jumped at the chance to release the first exclusively-created Reddit app on console.

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    GTA Online update: San Andreas Flight School goes live today

    Get ready to earn your wings in GTA 5. Starting from right now you can join the most patriotic institution this side of the Top Gun academy in GTA Online Flight School with a stack of new vehicles and challenges both in the air and on the ground.