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Friday 19th Sep 2014
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    Video: Is this Xbox One's most beautiful exclusive?

    Man, I've only watched 60 seconds of this Ori and the Blind Forest video and I'm already tearing up. I mean, as far as I can work out, Ori is basically a flying kitten who befriends a happy bear, and they live together in a magic forest. Then the entire world starts to rot and the bear dies of starvation. It's like somebody got Cormac McCarthy to write a new version of Fern Gully.

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    Video: Watch somebody beat Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid in under two hours

    If you don't have the time, patience or quantity of Xbox Live friends to master Destiny's Vault of Glass Raid - a gruelling odyssey that takes place on Venus - don't worry, because the goodly Professor Broman and his fellow Bromen have done it for you. The below video is one of the nippier specimens of Raiding we've seen, clocking in at just under two hours. One to bookmark for lunchtime, perhaps.

Thursday 18th Sep 2014
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    First Battleborn gameplay trailer is Borderlands meets DOTA

    Was anyone reading this actually born in a battle? Let's have a show of hands. OK, so that's... all of you, apparently. Hmm. OK, look - I hate to break this to you, but playing Destiny for 40 hours straight has evidently left you a bit fuzzy as to the difference between reality and fantasy. The below trailer for Gearbox's first Xbox One game probably won't help: it's crazier than a sack of cats thrown into the middle of a Mexican wrestling match.