Mass Effect interview: BioWare leads pick their toughest death, and more!



Favorite characters are impossible to pick out for me. There are so many good ones. Garrus, Wrex, Anderson, The Illusive Man, Tali, Hackett, Mordin. How about almost all of them. Hardest death is probably Anderson since it is unavoidable. Tali's death is painful if you can't save her (I could) and seeing Legion go even if his was a bonus to the Geth was difficult. We just did not get enough Legion in the series, I would have liked for him to be a Squad mate in 3 since you don't have him for long in 2. However, I refused to let Wrex die in Mass Effect 1. The first time I went thruough the conversation with him on Virmire I didn't click on the persuasion option and he ended up getting killed. I remember being like "Whoa, whoa, whoa, not going to happen" Reloaded and made sure to select persuade and he lived. His death would be the hardest after Anderson.

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