History: Great Battles Medieval review


History: Great Battles Medieval review

The Hundred Years’ War has a lot to offer a strategy-RPG. Royal intrigue, medieval scenery, and clashing armies of knights and infantry should’ve made Great Battles a blast. Instead, the whole sorry affair is ugly as sin, and absurdly clunky.

Separate English and French campaigns might educate you about the conflict, but the dismal clanking and shuffling that passes for battle offers little entertainment. You can pause the action at will to issue orders or
drop Battle Card bonuses on troubled units, and strategy staples such as flanking and varying terrain play their parts. But keeping your forces effective demands perpetual and dreadfully tedious point-and-click micromanagement that’ll wear down even the most masochistic commander.

You’ll purchase and unlock many weapons and skills for your squad, and you can bring that customized crew online should you manage to find a willing opponent. But there’s not one good reason to visit the same no-frills battlefield a dozen times or more just to grind out the improvements needed to conquer the next chapter.

On Xbox 360

+ Lots of historically-accurate units, weapons, and armor.

- Mind-numbing point-and-click order-issuing; not the least bit attractive or engaging.

- Earning units, skills, and equipment requires grinding the same missions repeatedly.

? Why do archers look like they’re wearing creepy masks?


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