Dreamcast Collection review


Dreamcast Collection review

Four classics from yesteryear indiscriminately slapped on one disc seems like no way to treat games that helped define an entire console. But despite the Dreamcast Collection’s helter-skelter, bare-bones presentation, its contents — Sonic Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing, Crazy Taxi, and Space Channel 5, Part 2 — still manage to give 360 owners a slapdash glimpse into a bygone era where reeling in delicious bass or defeating aliens with dance captured gamers’ imaginations.

How do they hold up? Some better than others. Space Channel’s quirky, musical, timed-button-pressing gameplay still roasts (and charms) you with its oft-imprecise beats. But the zen-like Bass Fishing’s simple tournament mode and Crazy Taxi’s frenzied driving challenges reveal their arcade roots — both were designed for quarter-munching rather than long play sessions. Each of these games would be better served by an XBLA release (Crazy Taxi and the less-appealing Sonic Adventure are already sold there) rather than being haphazardly foisted onto a disc. Though the compilation’s $30 price is alluring, gamers’ fond memories would probably serve them just as well

On Xbox 360

+ A good variety of gameplay; decent value for $30.

- Minimal upgrades or additions for 360; controls can be sluggish, just like in the old days.

- Overall presentation lacks flair; games boot you out to dashboard when you exit each one.

? Oh, Pudding. Why do you have to be such a thorn in our sides?


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