Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do review


Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do review

Love the fairgrounds but hate clowns? Tummy can’t handle the lineup of deep-fried Twinkie treats? We don’t blame you, but don’t worry: Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do has you covered.

All the basic carnival games are accounted for — from knocking down stacks of milk bottles to popping balloons with darts to shooting as many baskets as possible. It’s not the most inspired assortment of minigames, yet it all works pretty well. And if those examples we just listed don’t sound appealing, you’re in luck: Carnival packs in a variety of unconventional minigames that could really happen only with Kinect.

Our favorite is Crash Test Dummy, a human Tetris-style game where players have to match the shape made on the screen with their bodies. It’s a goofy blast to play, and even more fun to play with buddies. Watching friends fall on their faces after trying to pull off a hard position is continually amusing.    

Once you master the right motions, you can get good enough to score some tickets to spend at the in-game Avatar clothing store. This feature isn’t as useful as you’d think, though, because very few of Carnival’s minigames actually show your Avatar onscreen. And in a few of these cases — like with the batting-cage and dunk-tank minigames — the activity is rendered near impossible without some form of onscreen help.

Fortunately, these stumbles won’t keep you from enjoying most of Carnival’s offerings, especially if you play it with friends.

On Xbox 360 (For Kinect)

+ Twenty minigames to choose from, about half of which would be totally impossible without Kinect technology.

+ A few unique and awesome minigames — Crash Test Dummy in particular.

- Man, the music gets downright annoying at times.

? Why the heck isn’t my Avatar visible in every game?


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