Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 review


Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 review

Bionic Commando’s brand of momentum-based precision platforming reemerged with grace, challenge, and just the right amount of cheesiness in 2008’s Rearmed. Its sequel, though still enjoyable, lacks all three of those ingredients.

As newly mustachioed Nathan Spencer, you’re once again swinging from ledge to ledge shooting bad guys and hunting secrets, except this time the plot is just dull instead of hilariously nonsensical. An optional new jump button makes tough parts easier — in fact, you’ll net an Achievement if you complete the game without jumping — but the levels seem to suffer for trying to accommodate both play styles. The first 10 or so stages are boring and incredibly easy, jump button or no, and the bosses are almost always pushovers; only near the end of the campaign (notably the “Point of No Return” mission) do you feel the kind of tension that we associate with a great Bionic Commando game. Even local co-op doesn’t add much fun, and Rearmed 2 costs 50% more than its predecessor to boot.

On Xbox Live Arcade

+ Retains old-school mechanics; great 8-bit–style music.

- Jump button has no real reason to exist.

- Most levels and puzzles are dull and uninspired.

? What’s with Nathan Spencer’s porn-style mustache?


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